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if you ever call me annoying, even if it’s just jokingly, the chances of me ever speaking to you again are slim to none because I’ll be so afraid that every little word or sound that comes out of my mouth will aggravate you and make you cringe and hate my existence

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money is the anthem of success, so put on mascara and your party dress
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Sky was v nice tonight but ofc phone didn’t do it justice
"If you can just stop loving her then you never really loved her at all. Love doesn’t work that way. If you ever truly love someone, then it never goes away. It can become something else. There are all different sorts of love. It can even become hate—a thin line and all that—and, really, hate is just another kind of caring."
Blakney Francis, Someone I Used to Know  (via deald)

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“What do you do?”
"I’m not sure yet, actually"
Lost in Translation (2003)Sofia Coppola


it’s so cute when you talk to someone a lot and you notice your phrases slowly slipping into their vocabulary

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